Front End Parts

TRCS-1 and TRCP-1

Tie Rods Complete Silver Heims Nitro Cruizer Razor – $50

Tie Rods Complete Pro Heims Nitro Cruizer Razor – $70


Tie Rods Complete Pro Heims for T-Rex – $70

CSSC Rage Complete Champ Steering Shaft with 5 Degree Tilt Quick Discconect



Rage L-Block Left Standard $45

Rage L-Block Right Standard $45

Rage L-Block Right High Camber $45

FH-7/16 Rage 7/16 Top Camber Heim

1 Heim 2 Nuts and 2 Clips

KBK Rage 7/16 King Pin Bolt Kit

2 Bolts 2 Nuts and 2 Clips

BPH Rage Back Plate for Top Heim


SWK Rage Spindle Washer Kit

Does one side 15 Thick and 3 Thin Washers

SSK Rage Spindle Spacer Kit

12 Spacers for Moving Hub In and Out
Does One Side

BP-1 Brake Pedal Old Style


Risers-1 Rookie Riser Set for Older Pedals


TP-1 Throttle Pedal Old Style


FHB-3/4-5/8 Black Front Hub 3/4 to 5/8 Bearings


FHB-5/8 Black Front Hub 5/8 Bearings


RBS Rage Bearing Shields (Set of 4) And Combo


Wheel Studs and Lugs

Tapered Wheel Studs $1.25 each

Lug-1/4 x 28 for 1/2 inch socket 60ยข each

RCPK-1 Clevis Pin Kit


SN-1 Rage Spindle Nut Kit

2 Silver Spindle Nuts and 2 Clips

BBTPK-1 Billet Brake & Throttle Pedal Kit (No Heel Rests)


RPKB-1 Riser Pedal Kit with Billet Pedals


TC-1 Throttle Cable


PULLER-1 Rage Throttle Puller Kit

1 Throttle Cable 1 Puller 1 Spring with Washer/Nut

SHA Rage Steering Height Adjuster