Motor Mounts


Rage 15 Degree Motor Mount Base (Wide Mount) Only with Bolts $75


Rage Butterfly Set  with Bolts for Rage Wide Mounts $25


Rage Complete Slider Plate with Nuts and Bolts $98

Rage Wide Motor Mounts Fits All Nitro-Cruizer-Razor Champs. And Rage Go-karts (Not the T-Rex)

MM-15 $105 15 Degree Motor Mount (Clone, Predator,Flathead)
MM-5 $105  5 Degree Motor Mount (L-206 and Animal)

Rage T-Rex Motor Mounts International Spacing 3-1/2

TRM-15 $105 T-Rex 15 Degree Mount (Cone, Predator, Flathead)
TRM-5 $105 T-Rex 5 Degree Mount (L-206 and Animal)
TRM-8 $ 105 T-Rex 8 Degree Mount (L-206 and Animal)